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The AmeriCorps Alumni Network of Utah improves the lives of AmeriCorps members and the community while elevating AmeriCorps. This network encourages current and former members to continue the spirit of service through professional development, networking, outreach, and continued service.


Continue in your legacy of service

AmeriCorps alums have a unique perspective and dedication to service that remains alive after your term ends. Through the Utah alumni network, you will continue to build your legacy of service, give back to your community alongside fellow alums, get things done through service projects, and inspire others to serve.


Connect with fellow alums and the community

The AmeriCorps Alumni Network of Utah is designed to foster connection and build relationships. You will connect with your community and fellow alums, share your unique stories from service, attend social events with like-minded individuals, and present to others the value of AmeriCorps service.


Enhance and excel in your career

AmeriCorps service is a great way to jumpstart your career and enhance your professional skills. After service, participating in the alumni network will provide resources and events to help you excel in your field of work. This includes opportunities to network and share new career opportunities, benefit from professional development workshops & presentations, and build your resume through participation in the alumni network.


Advocate for AmeriCorps growth

AmeriCorps programs are meeting critical needs in Utah through evidence-based activities. Your voice as an alum is needed to advocate for the growth of AmeriCorps in Utah. Through network participation, you will unite to strengthen AmeriCorps by engaging with elected officials, advocating for increased AmeriCorps funding, and spreading awareness of AmeriCorps programs in Utah.

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Please contact Cauê da Matta, AmeriCorps Program Specialist at UServeUtah


UServeUtah is the state agency that manages the AmeriCorps State programs across Utah.  UServeUtah was created by state statute in 1994 and has worked with AmeriCorps programs around the state to engage thousands of AmeriCorps members.  UServeUtah provides oversight, technical assistance, and program development to programs.  UServeUtah also supports AmeriCorps members through events like the annual AmeriCorps Member Gathering and the AmeriCorps Alumni Network of Utah.