AmeriCorps Member of the Month – Allison O’Bryan

Allison O’Bryan is serving her first year as a Playworks Americorps member at James E. Moss Elementary. Known as Coach Allie, she can be found day to day playing outside with her students and making sure that every child feels safe and included.

From the day she started her service, she brought the energy and dedication needed to meet the high needs and expectations of a Playworks Corps Member. She instantly built friendships with her cohort and brought a playful attitude to each meeting that lifted everyone up.

Once she stepped foot in her service site, she brought that same playful demeanor and was instantly welcomed in her school’s community. The staff at her school can’t put into words their appreciation for her efforts to go above and beyond, but the stories they share paint us the portrait of a dedicated leader in service.

From her secretary: “Coach Allie comes by the office every night to check in to see if anything else needs to be done or she can help in any way. Even after a long day of service, she looks for more to do.”

From her manager: “Allie’s support of United Way’s community outreach nights illustrates that she understands the value of presence in events that happen outside of school hours. Her collaboration and care for the students during that time helps to make sure that parents in the community get the information they need.”

We are incredibly grateful to have Allie aboard our team. Members like her truly grasp the meaning of service and enable our mission to thrive.

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