AmeriCorps Member of the Month – Rauni Guffey

Rauni Gaffey has been serving with the Read Graduate Succeed program since August of 2015 at East Elementary School in Roosevelt, Utah.

Rauni is committed to making a difference in the lives of the students she works with. Rauni works hard to make sure that all of the students she works with have the confidence and reading skills necessary to succeed in school. She is patient, kind, and willing to go the extra mile for the students she works with. Rauni has become a great advocate for her student’s success.

During her time as an AmeriCorps member Rauni has served as a study group leader. In this role she facilitates group meeting and discussions with other AmeriCorps members in her area. She also works to mentor and support new members. Rauni is always available to help, collaborate and offer support to AmeriCorps members in her community.

Rauni has also been able to take advantage of her education award and she is currently going to school and working toward her degree in Early Childhood Education. It is Rauni’s goal to become a teacher and continue to make a difference. Rauni is a great example of the impact AmeriCorps can have!