Welcome to your year of service with AmeriCorps Utah!

As you set off on your AmeriCorps journey within your community, you are joining over one million Americans who have served their country under the three branches of AmeriCorps. You are a member of a movement aimed at bringing Americans together to create the strongest community possible. You are setting an example for your community.

UServeUtah is the state agency tasked with administering AmeriCorps state programming in Utah. As Utah’s State Commission on Service and Volunteerism we commend you for making this year long commitment to service. In addition, our hope is that your experiences with AmeriCorps Utah will inspire a lifelong commitment to service in your community.

In that spirit, we are committed to ensuring that your experience in AmeriCorps is not only beneficial to the populations you serve, but to your own personal and professional development. You belong to the AmeriCorps Utah family of over 1,600 members serving each year, throughout a variety of programs, addressing the many different critical needs of our state.

As you begin and continue your year of service, please keep in mind that we are always available. We love to hear your stories from the field, and your ideas for how our programs can become even better. Lastly, we are also here if you feel there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Email us at any time, our doors are always open! 

Best of luck! We look forward to seeing the incredible impact of your service. Thank you for getting things done for Utah! 


The National Service Team at UServeUtah

Greg Bates & Ruqia Qasim

We would love to share your service! Tag @UServeUtah on social media, or use #AmeriCorpsUtah