AmeriCorps Math Mentors Program

The AmeriCorps Math Mentors Program is hosted by:

The Utah STEM Action Center, a division of the Utah Governor’s Office, utilizes AmeriCorps Math Mentors to support elementary and secondary students to build confidence and improve math skills in targeted areas of Utah.

Service Area
This program operates primarily in San Juan County, Utah County and Weber County. See the list of participating schools here.

Contact Information
Jana Alexander, Program Director
>Visit the AmeriCorps Math Mentors Program website

Apply to serve

Benefits to serving with the AmeriCorps Math Mentors Program:

  • Scholarship awarded upon completion of service hours for tuition, fees, books or towards payment of student loans.  
  • If a prospective mentor is not a student and over the age of 55, they can transfer their scholarship/education award to a child or grandchild. All mentors qualify for forbearance of payments on current student loans. 
  • Mentors work closely with AmeriCorps Math Mentors Program (AMMP) staff during their term of service and have ongoing access to the nationwide AmeriCorps Alumni Network to increase networking, employment, and mentorship opportunities. 
  • Each mentor can serve for up to 4 terms and can receive the equivalent of up to two full-time education awards.
  • Work as a part-time AmeriCorps math mentor
    • Up to 18-29 hours a week
    • 900 hours = $13,500 total (about $15/hour)
    • Tuition reimbursement upon completion of 900 hour term ($3,247.50)


  • Lead small math group academic mentoring and help with software-focused math activities.
  • Respect and affirm the diversity of student backgrounds and experiences in your mentoring efforts.
  • Connect students and families with community resources focused on food, housing, clothing, mental health, and other concerns that may be affecting the student’s ability to do well in school.

Qualifications to serve with the AmeriCorps Student Success Program:

  • High school graduation or equivalent.
  • Experience working with children or youth.
  • US citizen, US national, or permanent US resident.
  • Pass an FBI background check.
  • Basic computer software and mathematics skills.
  • Collaborate with teachers, administrators, volunteers, and managers.