December, 2022

Ginnie is always going the extra mile. She currently serves as a tutor at North Park Elementary and also volunteers at the Weber County Library participating in the Weber Reads program. Ginnie consistently volunteers 40+ hours a week and everyone has positive things to say about her. She began her volunteering endeavor at Headstart, then she spent time at Polk and Taylor Canyon. She has been volunteering at North Park Elementary since 2017. 

Ginnie came on to the program nearly fourteen years ago in 2009. Before that, she worked in the service industry for fifty-three years. She got her first job when she was twelve years old to help contribute to her family. She was born in Indiana, but spent most of her youth in San Diego, CA. She came to Utah forty-one years ago. She has two sisters, two children and twelve grandchildren. Her hobbies include crochet and plastic canvas. 

When asked why she loves being a Foster Grandparent, Ginnie said she always wanted to be a teacher, but she has learned as much from the students as she shares with them. She had dyslexia as a child and working with the students has helped her understand her own struggles. She feels like the time she spends with the kids, both at the school and at the library for the summer reading program, makes her a better person. She loves teaching phonics and phonemic awareness and enjoys sharing the joy of reading with children. Thank you Ginnie!

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