how to implement the high school volunteer award at your school

Objectives of the UServeUtah High School Volunteer Award Program:
  • Prepare youth for work success (handshake)
  • Prepare youth for higher education success (grad cap)
  • Increase positive youth development (hands + heart)
  • Develop stronger citizens (org and act icon from pathways)  

Your Role in the UServeUtah High School Volunteer Award Program:
  • Identify students with volunteer stories to spotlight: We want to spread the word about the good work that your students are already doing.  This will provide an opportunity to influence more students to give back. 
  • Share information with students.  You have a captive audience!  
    • Principals - spreading information to your faculty and staff.  Sharing information to all students at your school (by email?)
    • Guidance counselors - when you talk with students who are struggling emotionally, or preparing for college and future classes 
    • Teachers - you can share opportunities with students about ways that they can give back.  Oftentimes this may relate to course content and be a great way to connect with students 
  • Volunteer Award Certificates can be received at your school and presented to students. 
    • Youth are influenced by their peers.  As you start spreading awareness of the program in a public way, you could influence more students to get involved