how to participate

  1. Enroll: Interested students will complete this form to let UServeUtah know that they would like an account.
  2. Account created: Students will receive UServeUtah Volunteer Portal account information by September 2020.  
  3. Learn about the program: Watch a webinar (to be made? Wondering if Youth Council could help?)
  4. Volunteer: See eligible activities.  You can make an impact!  
  5. Log hours: Students will be responsible to log their own volunteer hours in the UServeUtah Volunteer Portal.  
  6. Reflect: Students will need to write about what they learned from their volunteer experience in their submissions.
  7. Hours Verified: For each activity logged, students must enter an email address for a volunteer supervisor, teacher, or leader who will verify the hours by email.  The person verifying the hours cannot be a family member. 
  8. Receive certificate or cord: Each year Certificates will be sent to the school where the student attends, or the student’s home if the student has moved.  If the student has moved, they must notify UServeUtah at

Why volunteer: 

  • Your community needs you.  You have unique talents at this stage of your life that will make you a valuable asset to the community. 
  • You will need the ability to solve social problems as you move through today’s world. (“Everyone a Changemaker,” Ashoka)
  • Good for your health!

How to Volunteer

  • SPARK (
  • Fire: An issue you would like to make a difference on 
  • A (awareness) S (service) A (advocacy) P (philanthropy): Learn more at 
  • Find a cause
    • Education, health, food security, housing, homelessness, financial stability, environmental stewardship, disaster response and preparedness 
  • Find a way to serve
    • Pathways of Community Engagement 
  • Get connected with your community
  • Talk with friends and teachers
  • Qualifying organization information
    • Pathways of Community Engagement 
  • Service verification