Honored Volunteers – December 2020

Congratulations to recipients of the Lt. Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Certificate in December of 2020. The contributions made by these volunteers make lasting impacts on communities across our state.

Levi Reber of Sanpete County was recognized by the Sanpete County Fair Board for three years of service.

Levi Reber has been an instrumental part in making vast improvements to the livestock barn facilities at the Sanpete County Fairgrounds in Manti, Utah. Over the past three years, he has helped replace old wood pen dividers with new material, helped to tear our old swine water systems and most recently, he played a major role in the construction of a new wash rack structure. Levi has assisted in hanging new signage on the outsides of each barn, helping identify the barns to fair-goers. In the construction of the wash racks, he has leveled ground, set metal posts, dug drainage lines and helped in pouring over 30 yards of concrete. Levi has an amazing work ethic and is a natural leader. He takes initiative to accomplish needed tasks and encourages others that he is working with. Other youth in the 4-H and FFA programs look to him as a leader and an example and are quick to help him with the service needed. He has given many hours of service to improving both livestock barns at the fairgrounds and also working to maintain the facilities. These improvements to the Sanpete County Fairgrounds will serve many generations of showmen in Sanpete County.

Jamey Dodson of Grand County was recognized by WabiSabi for over 800 hours of service in 2020.

Jamey originally started volunteering with us 1 time per week or as often as he could. He is gainfully employed with a full time job so at first he eased into it. He quickly began to show up 2-3 days a week for a few hours after work and then the pandemic hit. When the majority of our volunteers ceased to come in due to the fear of contracting Covid-19 (a very good reason) Jamey saw it as a time when he was needed more than ever. For 2020 not only has he put in more time than any volunteer in the history of our organization in a 12 calendar month but he nearly doubled the amount any volunteer has ever completed. He never says “NO” and will do anything for us at the drop of a hat. Without his over 800 hours this year we would have been in a bad position as we could not afford to hire any more help, he does the work of 3 men and he does it whole heartedly. I only wish I could ever truly convey the gratitude we have for him but i feel the debt is one that only sincere gratitude everyday will ever add up to all he has done to keep our organization alive. This award will show him that even though we say it daily that it is absolute truth. He is and has been a crucial part of our success in surviving such a difficult year with uncertainty still in front of us. Jamey is a volunteer every organization dreams of finding and we just couldn’t do what we do so well without him working along with us every day.

You can view a full list of Volunteer Recognition Certificate recipients and their county information here.

To nominate an outstanding volunteer visit userve.utah.gov/recognize