How To Volunteer

Thank you for being willing to volunteer your time and talents to strengthen your community! Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, learn new skills, and share your talents. Here are some ways you can volunteer:

Episodic Volunteering:
Short term, project, or event volunteering. This is a great way to volunteer if you don't have enough time to commit to a recurring volunteer opportunity or if you want to be involved with a specific event. Head to and search for "project" listings. You can also find a volunteer page for most major events in your area. Each organization is different, but be prepared to submit a volunteer application and to likely attend a volunteer orientation.

Formal/Recurring Volunteering:
If you're looking for a long-term opportunity, this is for you! Formal volunteers typically set up a regular schedule, have a volunteer manager, and a set role within an organization. This is also a great way to be a skills-based volunteer if you want to share specific talents you have such as photography, web design, etc. Head to and search for ongoing opportunities. You can also reach out directly to an organization to see if they need your skillset!

Corporate Volunteering:
Does your employer have a volunteer program? Corporate volunteering provides companies with the opportunity to develop staff skills, build teams and give back to the community. Interested in developing a corporate volunteer program? Check back soon for more resources!

Virtual Volunteering:
Sometimes called micro volunteering or crowdsourcing, virtual volunteering is service done remotely. Some examples of virtual volunteering include translating documents, captioning videos, designing graphics, or editing content. You can search for a virtual volunteering opportunity on, but if you do not find one, you can reach out to an organization directly.
>Learn more about finding a virtual volunteering opportunity