Power of Service Award Winner – Jack Hobbs

November, 2018

Jack Hobbs has two nicknames: the LDS Lutheran and the Mormon Methodist. All nicknames come with a story, and Jack’s are no exception. He has been volunteering with Family Promise Salt Lake for over 11 years. In that time he has grown close with many faith communities as they work together to provide resources for families facing homelessness. He has worked and worshipped alongside both Lutheran and Methodist congregations. He has built lasting connections with fellow volunteers and with the people he has served.

“I like the image of you being a Mormon-Lutheran-Methodist,” said Representative Becky Edwards, a commissioner for the Utah Commission on Service & Volunteerism. “That’s a wonderful example of how inter-faith communities can really work together. I think that’s wonderful.”

During his time serving with Family Promise, Jack has embraced all aspects of the program with kindness, and has often done more than he has been asked to do. He collected quarters to help guests do their laundry at a laundromat and through this process collected over a few thousand dollars. Through these funds, Family Promise was able to help guests with car repairs and buy needed supplies. This is just one example from his many years of service where Jack has gone above and beyond to help those in need.

Jack was presented with the Power of Service Award on November 15th during the Utah Commission on Service & Volunteerism commission meeting. During the presentation, JD Donnelly, Executive Director of Family Promise Salt Lake, noted of Jack’s service, “Without the support of Jack and all the other volunteers like him we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we do. We are very proud of Jack.”

Special thanks to Alyssa York, Program Manager at Family Promise Salt Lake, for nominating Jack for this award.

The Power of Service Award is given three times per year to a volunteer who shows significant commitment to the overall well-being of the population they serve. The recipient of the award is honored with a framed certificate, a letter signed by the Lt. Governor, and the Lt. Governor’s coin. To be considered for this award, volunteers must first be honored with the Lt. Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Certificate.