Judy Watanabe

UServeUtah Commissioner | Deputy Director, Utah Division of Emergency Management

Judy Watanabe is the Deputy Director for the Utah Division of Emergency Management. She has worked for the Division for more than 27 years. Most of that time was in the Mitigation Section learning how to lesson our risks from natural hazards. Judy is also the Deputy State Coordinating Officer in disasters and an Alternate Governor's Authorized Representative for disaster and fire reporting to FEMA. She serves under the Director, Kris Hamlet. Judy loves planning for our operational readiness and building relationships with those who will be able to help in times of disaster. She and Kris have a great team at D.E.M. who work hard in preparedness, mitigation, prevention, response and recovery. Judy grew up in Salt Lake and graduated from Granite High School and the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations. Judy is married to Troy Watanabe and together they have three children.