Love Your Pet Day

February, 2020

Happy Love Your Pet Day! We’d like to take this opportunity to explore ways you can get involved with organizations that address animal welfare in Utah!

Direct Service

Ready for some hands-on fun? Find a way to volunteer with an organization in your area! We recommend reaching out to your local animal shelter or animal control department to see if they have open volunteer positions. Be prepared to fill out a volunteer application and attend an orientation if you plan on being a recurring volunteer. Here are a few more organizations across the state that could use your help:

Fundraising & Donations

Hold a fundraiser to benefit animals in need! Get a jump on spring-cleaning by holding a garage sale and use the proceeds to support your local shelter or rescue. You could also be on the lookout for sales on pet food and pick up some to donate! Be sure to check with your shelter or rescue to see what they need the most. “Kitten season” is fast approaching, and shelters and rescues will need all the help they can get!


If you’re unable to volunteer or donate there is still a way you can make a difference! Spread the word within your community about organizations that you support. Like & share their posts on social media and spread the word about how others can get involved.

Policy & Activism

Get involved in local legislation about pets & animals! In 2018 the Salt Lake City Council voted unanimously to create a city ordinance that prohibits pet stores from selling animals not obtained from an animal shelter, control agency, humane society or nonprofit rescue organization. Advocacy from constituents was vital in supporting this ordinance. There is a lot you can accomplish at the local level!

If you decide to get involved or are already involved in supporting animal welfare in Utah, we would love to share your story! Tag us on social media to motivate others to join in and get involved!