Meet June’s AmeriCorps Member of the Month – Raquel Guadarrama

June, 2018

Raquel is a second-year Utah Healthcare Corps member serving at several clinics under the Bear Lake Community Health Center consortium in Box Elder and Cache Valley counties. Raquel’s primary role is to provide assistance to underserved populations by conducting CHIP, Medicaid, and Marketplace support and enrollment within the clinics and their respective communities.

From Cyndi, UHC Program Director

“In the short time I’ve known Raquel, she has proved to be a valuable asset to UHC. Raquel is dedicated and reliable, always taking her commitment to the program and those she serves seriously. Raquel is diligent in everything she does, always asking questions to ensure she understands what is expected of
her, and meeting programmatic deadlines and requirements. Raquel has taken advantage of almost all training opportunities provided to her by the program, despite that her service location is a long drive from our program home-base, which further highlights her dedication to her growth as an AmeriCorps-
UHC member and a professional preparing for the future. Thank you, Raquel, for being an exemplary member of the program and serving your community with passion and kindness!”

From Voronnique Whaley, Raquel’s Host Site Supervisor, Bear Lake Community Health Center

“Raquel has been a great asset to our organization and we are so happy to have her on our team! She’s very passionate about the work she does, and it shows!

One thing I admire about Raquel is that she is a go-getter. One of her roles here at Bear Lake Community Health Center is to assist individuals and families with Medicaid, CHIP, and Marketplace Applications. Health insurance can be very confusing and overwhelming, but Raquel perseveres. If she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she will go to Mars and back until she finds it.

I can’t praise Raquel enough. She gives 110% in all that she does and serves without desire for recognition. I am so happy for Raquel for receiving this award! She deserves to be recognized for all of the great work she does.”