Playworks AmeriCorps

Playworks Utah AmeriCorps engages AmeriCorps members to serve in 75 low-income, at-risk elementary schools throughout Salt Lake County. These members create positive and inclusive school environments where every kid thrives both inside the classroom and out. Corps members teach social/ emotional skills, get kids active and promote play as an integral tool for improving student outcomes. By leveraging the power of play to empower students to become productive learners, Playworks Corps Members are deepening student connections to the learning experience.

Service Area
In the 2019-20 school year, Playworks Utah is proud to be offering programming to 75 schools throughout the state of Utah.
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  • Building resiliency. "This year has been really tough for everyone and just seeing how resilient our youth is, always is a great story in and of itself. One story that is on my mind, however, is about a particular 3rd grader who has had a rough go of things since he started at our school last year. He was always quick to aggression and taking frustrations out on fellow students, especially when playing soccer. Staff and I tried really hard to get him to understand his emotions and what actions he can take when he is feeling angry. He has changed drastically since last year and I know it was a mixture of our help and his own determination. This year, when he plays soccer he is much more calm and even recognizes his frustrations quickly enough to leave and take a break. Not only is he great at walking away when needed but he even is kinder to other students and helps them with soccer skills instead of getting upset. I am very proud to be able to have seen his growth and am excited to see him grow even more." -Mariana S., Playworks Utah Coach