Power of Service Award – Dave Burton

October, 2018

Dave Burton has been a volunteer to Eye Care 4 Kids since 2001. During the past 17 years Dave has volunteered as a member of the Board of Trustees and as the Chairman of the Board. He is also their acting IT specialist and has spent countless hours helping Eye Care 4 Kids with software issues and computer issues. Without being asked, Dave takes care of all their computer needs. Dave has donated virtually every computer used by Eye Care 4 Kids. He volunteers with their outreach programs, in the inner city of Salt Lake City, the Indian Reservations in rural Utah, and International, humanitarian outreach programs. He is the first to volunteer, and the last to leave. He is a finisher, in a world where finishing what one started is lacking.

According to Jon Butler, National Chairman of the Board of Governors, “We could not have achieved success without Dave. In part, because of his efforts, nearly 250,000 children and their families have been given the eye care they desperately needed. Unless you have been in the clinic to see the face of a child, that sees their mothers face for the first time (because their vision was so bad they could only see a blur), it would be hard to comprehend how the volunteer activities of Dave have helped our community. We may never know how many dreams these children can accomplish because of Dave’s efforts. We do know that with the glasses that he helps us provide, those children that need to read to accomplish their dreams can and will change our world.”