Retreat Recap

January, 2020

We started out our year with our annual staff and commission retreats. We have spent time exploring our successes and opportunities for growth and are excited to get to work! We would like to share some things that have informed and motivated our upcoming projects.

What motivates you?
Try this with your coworkers, family, or friends!

UServeUtah staff at the staff retreat

Are you an achiever, an affiliator, or an influencer? Maybe a mix of all three? Find out by taking the Motivational Analysis Quiz! Knowing what motivates you and the people around you can enhance collaboration, communication, and overall success! We encourage you to learn what motivates your coworkers, your volunteers or even your family and friends to explore how you can work together and be an even stronger force for good.

Celebrate what’s right with the world.

In our world of constant breaking news it can be easy to become discouraged and overwhelmed. During our staff retreat we took a step back to refocus on what is right with the world. We invite you to watch and share this video of DeWitt Jones and to join us in striving to be the best for the world instead of the best in the world.

We achieve more together.

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox speaking to the UServeUtah commissioners during the commission retreat

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox’s remarks reminded us that we can achieve more together. He shared his experience with UServeUtah Youth Council member, Danny Russon. Danny carried out a large-scale service project in Sanpete County that brought together local business, organizations, and individuals in a night of service and networking. Danny’s project paved the way for further community building and connection.

Communities come together when they serve together and it is part of what makes Utah great!

Interested in a challenge?

Test your UServeUtah knowledge! Try the Jeopardy game we put together for our commission retreat!