Show Thanks with a Volunteer Recognition Certificate

A little can go a long way when it comes to recognizing the contributions of volunteers within your organization. Whether you are scheduling a special day of celebration or simply placing information about your treasured volunteers on a bulletin board in your office, it means a lot to show you care.

Another way to show appreciation for volunteers is the Lt. Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Certificate.

Its purpose is twofold: Applaud the time and hard work that existing volunteers have put in, and invite others to join in volunteer efforts throughout Utah’s communities.

For volunteers to qualify for the certificate, organizations must submit a nomination form explaining how these men and women have:

  • Demonstrated specific accomplishments.
  • Helped address unmet needs in a Utah community.
  • Assisted through volunteerism on a recurring basis, with the exception of short-term crisis response.

Certificates are signed by the lieutenant governor and distributed each month. Anyone may submit a nomination, and there is no deadline. As a bonus incentive, nominees for the certificate program are considered for the Power of Service Award, given to three volunteers annually who demonstrate substantial commitments to the well-being of the people or causes they serve.

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