Why Spontaneous Volunteer Management is a Critical Skill

Imagine arriving at a Utah city after a devastating earthquake. Residents are badly shaken yet determined to begin the process of rebuilding. People are pouring in from surrounding cities to help with the recovery. How do you ensure work gets done quickly, safely and effectively to maximize the benefits of these new volunteers to the community?

The answer is spontaneous volunteer management training. This kind of education is essential after natural disasters and other types of emergencies. These events tend to be jarring and can leave many people in shock. The proper training can provide clarity of thinking and allow volunteers to prioritize their time and resources.

Throughout the year, UServeUtah is pleased to provide this education to residents eager to give back to their neighbors. Training sessions include:

  • An overview of best practices
  • Materials that can help navigate a disaster scene
  • Guidance on how to notify the state of their volunteer-management skill set, in the event of an emergency
  • Instructions on how to apply the contents of a Go-Kit to develop a Volunteer Coordination Center

It’s a good idea to partner with others from your city so that multiple local people know how to organize volunteers if the need arises.

The next Spontaneous Volunteer Management Training will be held on August 22nd in Provo. This training is for emergency managers and their teams. If you are not an official emergency manager, you are welcome to attend a general volunteer management training.

Please contact Scott Keyes at scottkeyes@utah.gov with any questions regarding the Spontaneous Volunteer Management Training.