Direct Service

Direct Service means working to address the immediate needs of individuals or a community and often involves contact with the people or places being served. Through this Pathway of Community Engagement, you can provide direct service through volunteerism, such as cleaning up a park, serving meals at a soup kitchen, or tutoring students. Direct Service also includes volunteering to share your skills and train people in something you are good at.

Professions in this pathway include case workers, mental health professionals, Americorps members, and volunteer managers.

Direct Service differs from the other Pathways of Community Engagement because it focuses on addressing immediate needs (instead of systemic issues) and involves individuals using their time and skills as opposed to donating money. Direct Service is one of the most accessible opportunities for individuals and families to become engaged in the community. Options for engagement in this Pathway exist for people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities to provide direct service. Direct Service can often lead to other Pathways of Community Engagement.

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