United in Service Projects

UServeUtah's United in Service Projects mobilize communities in meaningful volunteerism that promotes personal growth and builds connection. With projects curated with and for local partners, volunteers have the opportunity to engage in impactful service that addresses local needs. Our initiatives prioritize education, reflection, and connection to build stronger communities statewide by gaining new perspectives, developing empathy and compassion, and fostering a sense of belonging.
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Why Serve?

Bridging and Belonging

Service improves feelings of uncertainty, political polarization, and mental health. Utah has long held the ranking as the nation’s leader for service and charitable giving, reflecting our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact in our communities. This initiative helps us to remain intentional in our efforts to continue this legacy of service in this current generation and beyond. 

United in Service projects work to provide days of service to promote meaningful change in not only our communities, but within ourselves. Service empowers individuals by fostering social connections, promoting empathy and understanding, providing a sense of purpose and belonging, and encouraging civic engagement. By providing opportunities for Utahns to work towards common goals, United in Service initiatives promote social cohesion and reduce societal divisions.

Get Involved


Memorial Grove Park Beautification
June 25, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Memorial Grove Park, Cedar City

Register to Volunteer
Connect with your neighbors, give back to the community, and have a great time as we unite in service! Your volunteerism will help ensure that the park remains a safe, attractive, and enjoyable place for everyone in Cedar City.

You can support this initiative by sponsoring an upcoming service project. As a sponsor, you will be highlighted in all social media posts, on the UServeUtah website, and on the UServeUtah blog. You will have the opportunity to participate in the service project and invite employees, family, friends, or coworkers to join you. We will work with you to coordinate project details to provide a date, time, and location that is convenient for you. Participants will enjoy a meaningful service project, and be led through reflection exercises to contemplate the uniting power of service in our communities.

Please reach out to mikemoon@utah.gov for sponsorship inquiries.

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Proposed projects will be reviewed by UServeUtah's Community Engagement team to ensure alignment with the selection criteria and feasibility with schedule, need, and location.
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