UServeUtah's Strategic Plan

This 3-year plan is a roadmap to building systems that harness and focus our unique and invaluable resource – the cultural ethic of giving back that exists among Utah citizens. The plan lays out a comprehensive framework based on guiding objectives and impacts. The plan will be executed through the oversight of the Utah Commission on Service & Volunteerism.

UServeUtah's Strategic Plan


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UServeUtah, the state’s commission on service and volunteerism, was created by state statute in 1994 and is led by 20 commission members representing local government, community-based organizations, and statewide networks and is supported by a small staff. The mission of UServeUtah is to engage all Utahns in solving local needs through national service, volunteerism, and community engagement.

Plan Overview

As a state service commission, UServeUtah is governed by the Serve America Act which mandates all commissions develop and annually update a statewide plan for service covering a three-year period. This plan will guide our work from 2024-2026.


Plan Development

Through a public listening tour and survey, UServeUtah gathered data from across the state to develop an understanding of current volunteerism efforts, barriers to engaging in service, and critical community needs. The public survey gathered 639 responses in which every county in the state was represented. A total of seven listening tour sessions were conducted including in-person sessions in Logan, Salt Lake, Cedar City, and Richfield. Two virtual sessions were held via Zoom, and one in-person session was held at the Native American Summit in Orem. Participants in the listening tour represented nonprofit agencies, businesses, AmeriCorps programs, as well as students and community volunteers.


Our priorities align with the priorities of AmeriCorps and the One Utah Roadmap. Our work brings valuable resources to every corner of our state and invites all to be part of the solution to local needs.

Priorities of AmeriCorps:

  • Economic Opportunity
  • Education
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Healthy Futures
  • Veterans and Military Families

Priorities of the One Utah Roadmap:

  • Economic Advancement
  • Education
  • Rural Issues
  • Health Security
  • Equality and Opportunity
  • State Government Efficiency
In reviewing the listed priorities as well as the top unmet needs identified in the public opinion survey and in-person listening sessions, the top three areas of focus and objectives for UServeUtah for 2024-2026 will be:

Mental Health

The new priority will address mental health concerns in our communities. Recognizing the increasing importance of mental well-being, we have outlined goals and strategies to provide support, resources, and awareness to help those who face mental health challenges.

Goal: Research and share information on the positive mental health benefits of service and volunteerism.

  • Strategy: Partner with Higher Education to gather and/or create research regarding the positive impacts of service.
  • Strategy: Share the research both broadly and intentionally with partners.

Goal: Improving physical, mental, and behavioral health through service.

  • Strategy: Prioritize grant funding opportunities for those that promote mental health.
  • Strategy: Improve social integration and healthy connections of youth and young adults by promoting opportunities for service in high school and higher education.
  • Strategy: Decrease isolationism and increase connections with older adults throughout the state through service.

Goal: Increase types of and reach of mental health resources to those engaged in service and volunteerism.

  • Strategy: Provide mental health counseling services to those engaged in national service and volunteerism.
  • Strategy: Increase mental health resources to rural Utah through service-centric programming.

Housing Access

This strategic plan seeks to address the pressing issue of housing access. Through collaborative efforts with local partners statewide, our priority is to enhance housing accessibility and opportunities for organizations and individuals to further address this need through service and volunteerism.

Goal: Prioritize expanding access to housing through UServeUtah programming and initiatives.

  • Strategy: Prioritize grant funding opportunities that expand access to housing as well as those providing support to vulnerable families facing housing challenges.
  • Strategy: Support nonprofits and community organizations to enhance their ability to serve individuals facing housing challenges.

Goal: Increase services aimed to support and stabilize families and individuals to remain in housing and divert them from homelessness.

  • Strategy: Partner with housing agencies and organizations to identify areas where service and volunteerism can serve as a solution.
  • Strategy: Use service to support housing navigation.

Goal: Increase the amount and types of housing available through service and volunteerism.

  • Strategy: Identify partners in this space and collaborate to find ways that service can be a solution to housing availability.
  • Strategy: Promote and recognize efforts in this area to help increase participation.

Institutionalizing Service throughout the State

This plan emphasizes institutionalizing service statewide. Over the next three years we will strive to engage Utahns at all stages of life and from all walks of life to be engaged in their communities. Programming will target youth in high school, young adults in higher education, seniors, and all who qualify to serve with AmeriCorps.

Goal: Provide opportunities for young people to participate in national service and community engagement, and recognize them for the impacts they make through service.

  • Strategy: Increase awareness of AmeriCorps and the benefits of participating in national service.
  • Strategy: Support service learning in public education
  • Strategy: Recognize the contributions of youth in Utah through formal recognition.

Goal: Provide opportunities for Utahns age 55+ to participate in national service and community engagement, and recognize them for the impacts they make through service.

  • Strategy: Increase awareness of AmeriCorps Seniors and the benefits of participating.
  • Strategy: Educate organizations that utilize volunteers on how to engage Utah's senior population.
  • Strategy: Recognize the contributions of seniors in Utah through formal recognition.

Goal: Increase collaboration and partnerships with government agencies, educational institutions, faith based organizations and nonprofits to identify ways to institutionalize service throughout the state.

  • Strategy: Increase collaboration with institutions of Higher Education to engage more young adults in service.
  • Strategy: Support workforce development opportunities for those engaged in national service programs to facilitate the transition to education and employment.
  • Strategy: Promote opportunities for service that bring groups together to address and solve community needs.

Goal: Identify and address barriers to participation in national service and volunteerism in order to increase rates of participation.

  • Strategy: Increase benefits to serving as an AmeriCorps member to increase and diversify members serving in Utah.
  • Strategy: Provide training that builds capacity in both the corporate and nonprofit sector to decrease barriers including workplace volunteerism, rural/remote volunteer opportunities, and populations.
  • Strategy: Measure the impact of service to help show volunteers the difference they are making in solving issues.
  • Strategy: Innovate new ways people can serve while navigating known challenges and barriers.