Volunteer Programming for Maximum Impact

About the Course

Whether you are building a new volunteer program or revitalizing your current strategies, the Volunteer Programming for Maximum Impact course will help you develop goals and implement strategies for effecting change in your organization. The curriculum is designed by UServeUtah and combines years of industry expertise, comprehensive resources, and the latest developments in the field of volunteer programming.

Despite the significant benefits of volunteerism, too often organizations lack the knowledge and resources to strategically maximize the advantages. Savvy leaders recognize the connection between investing in their volunteer program and advancing organizational growth. 

This course approaches change as a process rather than a one-time event. Developing and implementing a change management strategy for volunteer programming delivers organizations a return as high as 6x. This training provides a path for participating organizations to create that strategy to maximize their impact.  

The Volunteer Programming for Maximum Impact course is an engaging and interactive training with coaching by subject-matter experts. This two-day course is in-person and gives participants opportunities to network with other industry professionals.

UServeUtah Volunteer Management Designation

Bronze Level

Complete 3 evidence items
Silver Level

Complete 6 evidence items
Gold Level

Complete 9 or more evidence items

Organizations will have the opportunity to earn a *UServeUtah Volunteer Management Designation. The UServeUtah Designation program was developed to recognize Utah organizations that signal a commitment to excellence in volunteer programming. 

Organizations seeking to earn a UServeUtah Volunteer Management Designation will have four months post training to complete 3 or more evidence items.


This training will deliver the following to your organization:

  • Lay the groundwork for a mission-centric volunteer program
  • Build a coalition of support between senior leadership and staff to create organization-wide commitment to volunteerism
  • Devise processes to maximize return on investment  
  • Create an organizational plan to create positive and meaningful volunteer experiences
  • Design strategies for volunteer recruitment and retention
  • Invest in the role of volunteer coordinator
  • Develop a plan for sustainability to ensure organizational continuity

  • Attend both days of the in-person training
  • Complete pre-and post-assessment surveys of your organization’s volunteer program
  • Participate in a one-on-one coaching session post-training with UServeUtah
  • Complete evidence items by the deadline (four months post-training)
  • Receive expert review of evidence items

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