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AmeriCorps Rules, Regulations, and Provisions (Legal provisions for program)

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eGrants (Federal Member Management System)
eGrants Tutorials

requests for reimbursement (RFR) and progress reports

RFRs and Progress Reports are due quarterly. They are due on or before the 20th of January, April, July, and October. When submitting an RFR, there are four documents that should be submitted. These documents are the RFR Spreadsheet (either monthly or quarterly depending on the program), Financial Income Report, RFR Reconciliation Spreadsheet, and a detailed program ledger.
Progress Report Feedback Form
Progress Report Template
RFR Example Ledger
RFR Financial Income Report
RFR Ledger Reconciliation Spreadsheet
RFR Required Items Examples
RFR Required Language
RFR Spreadsheet (Monthly)
RFR Spreadsheet (Quarterly)
RFR Tips and Reminders

National service criminal history checks

Background Check Language
Criminal History Check Requirements
National Service Criminal History Check Enforcement Guide
National Sex Offender Public Registry
Required Annual NSCHC eCourse (Required for all program directors and staff involved in the enrollment process at hire and every August)
State by State National Service Criminal History Check Guide (For additional information on background checks for members who are out of state)

volunteer recognition

UServeUtah encourages AmeriCorps members to nominate the outstanding volunteers they recruit for the Lt. Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Certificate.
Lt. Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Certificate