VISION: Our vision is to have vibrant, inclusive, productive communities in Utah with active, engaged individuals.

MISSION: Our mission is to strengthen and unify Utah communities through national service, volunteerism, and broader community engagement.

PURPOSE: As the state’s central coordinating body for service and volunteerism, the Commission is responsible for developing, implementing, and sustaining a vision and culture of national service and community engagement within the state. We do this by building and cultivating capacity for effective national service and community engagement, promoting and inspiring national service and community engagement, and recognizing outstanding impacts made through service.

About UServeUtah

UServeUtah, the Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism, was created by state statute in 1994 and is comprised of 20 members representing local government, community-based organizations, and statewide networks as well as a small staff. Since its inception, UServeUtah has worked to inspire, equip, and mobilize individuals and organizations to take action to transform their communities.
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What We Do

Build and Cultivate Capacity

for effective national service and community engagement.

Promote and Inspire

national service and community engagement.


outstanding impacts made through service.

Build and Cultivate Capacity

A primary aim of UServeUtah is to help organizations effectively use service and volunteerism as a strategy to fulfill their mission and to address critical community needs. 

The UServeUtah Training Suite includes Volunteer Management Training, Volunteer Programming for Maximum Impact, and Spontaneous Volunteer Management.

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Promote & Inspire national service and community engagement

UServeUtah is committed to inspiring action and creating ways for all Utahns to identify and participate in quality national service and community engagement opportunities.

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Recognize outstanding impacts made through service

UServeUtah recognizes individuals and organizations for their outstanding national service and community engagement efforts and impacts.

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Each month UServeUtah recognizes an AmeriCorps Member for going above and beyond the pledge they took to "Get Things Done."

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National Service

AmeriCorps, the Domestic Peace Corps, annually engages more than 80,000 Americans nationwide in intensive, results-driven service in the areas of education, public safety, health, and the environment.

UServeUtah manages the Utah AmeriCorps*State program portfolio comprised of programs that target underserved and at-risk populations in the areas of: Economic Opportunity, Education, Environmental Stewardship, Disaster Preparedness, Healthy Futures, and Veterans and Military Families.

UServeUtah administers all Utah AmeriCorps*State grants and provides administrative, fiscal and programmatic oversight, technical assistance, and program development in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

community engagement

UServeUtah seeks to establish a strong infrastructure to support community engagement in Utah and functions as a consultant and training resource to expand organizational capacity and increase volunteer utilization. UServeUtah also actively promotes civic participation and is committed to supporting quality community engagement opportunities.

UServeUtah accomplishes this by:

1) Providing successful statewide trainings that ensure organizations are prepared for effective community engagement;

2) Supporting local organizations to recognize effective volunteer efforts;

3) Fostering civic engagement and leadership development.

Core Values:

People - We value people and believe that through national service and community engagement, people have the capacity to enrich their own lives and improve the quality of life in their communities. We believe that an active volunteer community creates an environment in which all people thrive.

Impact - We value impact and commit to implementing innovative and effective strategies, holding ourselves accountable for results, and sharing our knowledge and best practices with others.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - We value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We recognize that people of all ages, abilities, and origins have talents to share and that communities are strengthened when people connect across their unique backgrounds through national service and community engagement.

Innovation - We value innovation and exploring new ideas and solutions that best meet the needs of Utah communities. We commit to identifying and sharing research and best practices for effective community engagement.

Collaboration - We value collaboration and realize that we are at our best when we engage in collaborative efforts that bring together individuals, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, government, nonprofit, faith-based and other community organizations to achieve a common vision of stronger communities.

Core Strengths:

We offer state leadership. As a branch of state government and a Commission of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, we have the ability to promote national service and community engagement with authority.

We have data. We collect, analyze, and share the impact national service and community engagement have in our lives and communities.

We have perspective. Our years of experience working with the public and private sectors give us a unique collaborative and strategic position.

We have expertise. Our training suite helps organizations better use and support national service and community engagement.

We bring resources to the table. Our grants and programs connect local needs with philanthropic and human capital in a cost-effective and efficient way.