December, 2022

Emily has always been so kind and always willing to help those in need. She has been battling cancer for the past few years and has not let it stop her from helping others. Emily has been an RSVP volunteer since 2005, serving for 17 years and 4 months. She has served over 4,350 hours, and probably well over that number as we are sure she has served more hours than she has counted!

Emily was born and raised in Ogden, Utah with one sister and three brothers. She loved cooking in her aunt’s café in the 50’s. She later worked as a cook at St. Benedict hospital. Emily worked for Weber County for 23 years cleaning office buildings where she met many people along the way. She raised three boys in Ogden and has been blessed with seven beautiful grandchildren. She has a passion for helping others and it shows. She helped an elderly woman everyday except for Sundays for six years until she passed. Emily continues to help people today even in spite of her own health conditions. Thank you Emily!

Make giving back your second act! Get involved and make a positive difference in your community. AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers serve with organizations dedicated to helping others. Volunteers age 55+ are needed across the state and nation! Learn more about how you can serve at americorps.gov/serve/americorps-seniors

Want to serve alongside Emily Barboza? Visit areaagencyonagingfivecounty.org/americorpsseniors to learn about ways to serve as a Foster Grandparent, Senior Companion, or RSVP volunteer in southern Utah.