Honored Volunteers – May 2020

Congratulations to recipients of the Lt. Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Certificate in May of 2020. The contributions made by these volunteers make lasting impacts on communities across our state.

Nominated By:
Monica AcostaKearns High School
Afrah Al HachamiKearns High School
Jasmine ALvarengaKearns High School
Daniela AnayaKearns High School
Elvia AnayaKearns High School
Angel BalladaresKearns High School
Melanie BalladaresKearns High School
Chelsea BarriosKearns High School
Yareli BecerraKearns High School
Rebecca CamposKearns High School
Citlali CardenasKearns High School
Kaydee DavisAFI Advanced Hospice
Debbie DeAgostineAFI Advanced Hospice
Nick EcclesAFI Advanced Hospice
Emanuel Estrada RiosKearns High School
Jacob FerronAFI Advanced Hospice
Diego FloresKearns High School
Domenick “Dom” FullerAFI Advanced Hospice
Marylinda GonzalezKearns High School
Sirena GonzalezKearns High School
Andrew GorgesAFI Advanced Hospice
Carmen GuillenKearns High School
Lesly GuillenKearns High School
Patricia GutierrezKearns High School
Rosy GutierrezKearns High School
Andrew HarrisAFI Advanced Hospice
Patricia “Pat” HarroldAFI Advanced Hospice
Isabel HernandezKearns High School
Lizet HernandezKearns High School
Riley JonesAFI Advanced Hospice
Rosa Joya DiazKearns High School
Louise KelleyAFI Advanced Hospice
Pasisoen KikkuKearns High School
Edgar LinaresKearns High School
Joanna LopezKearns High School
Julieanna Mendoza SalgadoKearns High School
Kayly Mendoza SalgadoKearns High School
Maili MillanKearns High School
Adrian MirandaKearns High School
Citlali NavaKearns High School
Aimee NaylorAFI Advanced Hospice
Evelyn “Evie” NaylorAFI Advanced Hospice
Annabelle NaylorAFI Advanced Hospice
Marilyn NunnAFI Advanced Hospice
Lizbeth PachecoKearns High School
Maria PenaKearns High School
Kellen PhamKearns High School
Jose Pina ReyesKearns High School
Catherine QuevedoKearns High School
Sergio QuinteroKearns High School
Alan RamageAFI Advanced Hospice
Heidy RamirezKearns High School
Heidi ReynosoKearns High School
Jessica RicheyAFI Advanced Hospice
AnnMarie RicheyAFI Advanced Hospice
Bridgett RodriguezKearns High School
Ashley Rodriguez SallasKearns High School
Emily Rojo MendozaKearns High School
Malene SalcedoKearns High School
Gemali SanchezphKearns High School
Annalise SauterAFI Advanced Hospice
Kevin SeelyAFI Advanced Hospice
Chealsey SernasKearns High School
Miguel SixtosKearns High School
James “Rick” SwitzerAFI Advanced Hospice
Sarah SylvesterAFI Advanced Hospice
Erin TabishAFI Advanced Hospice
Sherly TapiaKearns High School
Aby TelloKearns High School
Natalia VillagomezKearns High School
Ashley VillegasKearns High School
Zachary WibergAFI Advanced Hospice
Megan WidmerAFI Advanced Hospice
Daniel WilliamsKearns High School
Carolinna ZamudioKearns High School
Andrea ZavalaKearns High School
Anthony ZavalaKearns High School
Aileen ZendejasKearns High School
The Richey FamilyAFI Advanced Hospice
The Golden Hours Crochet and Knitting ClubAFI Advanced Hospice

You can view a full list of Volunteer Recognition Certificate recipients and their county information here.

To nominate an outstanding volunteer visit userve.utah.gov/recognize