How to turn your friends into community volunteers

October, 2019

You and your friends go way back. You’ve experienced good times and hardship together, you’ve overcome obstacles and laughed about memories you’ve made together. Now it’s time to put that strong relationship to work through volunteerism.

For some people, volunteerism is valuable because it is selfless; an act of supporting those in need by those who have more than enough. If you already volunteer and you are trying to encourage your friends to do the same, remind them how lucky we are to live in Utah.

You can also point out that our state consistently ranks No. 1 for volunteerism. Being a volunteer is not only valuable but also a popular activity that makes our communities stronger. When we set goals and work together, we can achieve anything for the betterment of our society.

Another way to help friends see the value of volunteer is to ask permission to host one or two of your friends at the places where you volunteer. Essentially, your volunteer manager is enabling them to shadow the work you do. Show them the steps you take to provide critical services to residents. As they watch and work alongside you, they’ll soon discover the immediate payoff of being a volunteer and helping people in need.

Whatever strategy you use to promote volunteerism, we have no doubt your friends are going to watch and learn. Together, we can make Utah an even more amazing place to live.

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