AmeriCorps Member of the Month – Maimuna “Muna” Minteh

October, 2020

Each month we recognize an AmeriCorps member serving in Utah for going above and beyond the pledge they took to “Get Things Done.” This month we are proud to recognize Maimuna “Muna” Minteh who is serving with Salt Lake County’s AmeriCorps Most Vulnerable Populations (MVP) program.

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In this AmeriCorps program, Muna helps those experiencing homelessness to obtain housing, provides assistance to the formerly homeless, and connects those in need to other mainstream services to increase self-sufficiency. 

Muna is passionate about serving this population, and her passion extends beyond her AmeriCorps position. She is currently a student at the University of Utah studying social work and hopes to continue to address the needs of those experiencing homelessness throughout her future career. Her term of service with AmeriCorps has allowed her to develop critical skills that will make her a valuable resource in wherever her career takes her.

Her site supervisor, Melissa Broderick, had this to say about Muna’s service:

During her time with [The Road Home’s “Housing Not Jail (HNJ) program”], Muna has shown us what it means to be caring and selfless in our service to those experiencing homelessness. She has jumped at every opportunity to help those in our program, as well as her coworkers. The skills she brought with her, and the new skills she has gained since being with HNJ will serve our community for years to come. She is an integral part of our team, and we feel lucky to have had her during her service.

Melissa Broderick, Director of Supportive Housing Services

Kevin Favreau, the AmeriCorps Program Director for Salt Lake County’s MVP program, also commented on Muna’s exceptional service to her community. He noted that when he first interviewed her for placement with AmeriCorps that he was moved by Muna’s compassion and thoughtfulness and knew she would thrive wherever she was placed. When presenting Muna with this award Kevin let her know that he couldn’t be happier with her career choice because of the continued service it will provide to the community.

“AmeriCorps has taught me that advocating directly in your community can better serve your population as a whole.”

Muna MInteh, AmeriCorps Member of the Month

Muna was born and raised in Salt Lake City. She attended East High School and currently attends the University of Utah. When not working she can be found studying, eating Taco Bell, attending Orange Theory, and binge-watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

We extend our congratulations to Muna for being recognized as the AmeriCorps Member of the Month and thank her for her dedicated service to Utah communities.

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