Policy and Governance

Policy & Governance means participating in political processes, policymaking, and public governance. In this Pathway of Community Engagement, there are many ways you can get involved locally: help register community members to vote, run for elected office, help draft legislation related to a personal cause or passion, or apply to be on a local board/commission.

Some professions in this pathway include campaign manager, lobbyist, or elected official.

A myth is that this pathway is partisan only; however, much like the other Pathways of Community Engagement, Policy & Governance can be issue-based and nonpartisan. Getting involved in the political process on a local level has a tremendous impact. A lot of local decisions directly affect you and those you care about; therefore, using your time, voice, and talents to get involved can strengthen the lives of people in your community. This pathway works with the others to help address the policies, laws, and people that impact communities in significant ways.

Learn More and Get Involved

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  • Take action and get informed with Action Utah, a nonpartisan organization that works to empower Utahns to get civically involved. 
  • If you are a girl or woman interested in policy and government, Real Women Run and Girls Lobby can help you network and learn about how to get involved. 
  • Register your community members to vote!
  • Connect with the Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI) of Utah. They aim to elevate the voice and impact of young Utahns (ages 18-35ish) in their local, state and national governments.
  • Apply to be on a Board or Commission in Utah. 
  • Learn about the state legislature, interim sessions, how Utah elections work, and delegates and then use that information to educate others! Talk to your family and friends about what you’ve learned.
  • Don’t underestimate children’s interest in politics. Hold your own mock elections to demonstrate how voting works.
  • Apply to the UServeUtah Youth Council if you are a 16-22 year-old Utahn interested in this pathway. You can create a project within this Pathway of Community Engagement to help your local community!