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Raise Your Voice – Engaging Youth in Local Government, UServeUtah Youth Council Guest Author

Guest Author: Noor Majeed

Noor Majeed is a member of the 2021 UServeUtah Youth Council representing Skyridge High School in Utah County. During her term on the council Noor hosted a training event to increase civic engagement knowledge among youth.

I am passionate about service that fosters understanding and connections to my community. These qualities inherent to volunteerism compelled me to join the UServeUtah Youth Council. Through the Youth Council’s insightful training sessions on impact and needs assessments, project management, and fundraising, I am equipped with the knowledge to continue contributing to my community.  

For my Youth Council project I wished to manifest these characteristics of community service through the event I organized. I created a training for local youth city councils to learn about governmental regulations, current policies, and business. Highland City Mayor Mann, Representative Christofferson, Representative Maloy, and Representative Brammer generously donated their time to speak at the event emphasizing how youth can make an impact in local government. 

Highland City Mayor Mann led discussions about local governmental regulations, noting particular statistics about current regulations like speed limits. Representative Maloy discussed the House Business and Labor Committee and examined the relationship between state and federal government. Representative Brammer discussed the Utah Lake Commission, and Representative Christofferson discussed roads and transportation. 

By initiating this project of mine, I hope youth feel more inclined to share their voice in the reforms, public policies, and issues they’re passionate about and will be lifelong civically-engaged citizens. As I continue volunteering, I seek to contribute in ways that encourage others to be engaged in public policy.