St. George’s Carrie Morrell Honored with Power of Service Award

June, 2021

The Power of Service Award is presented up to three times per year and is given to a volunteer in Utah who shows significant commitment to the overall well-being of the populations they serve. Carrie Morrell was presented with 2021’s first Power of Service Award. She was nominated by Michelle Graves & the city of St. George. We thank Michelle for providing the following nomination.

Since 1987, Carrie has been coordinating the first aid stations for the St. George Marathon. She makes sure they are stocked with needed supplies like defibrillators, Icy Hot, Vaseline, Bandages, Sunscreen and more. She has also been making sure each first aid station has been manned with medical personnel and volunteers who are tasked with making sure each runner’s health is taken care of throughout the 26.2 miles. This position takes a substantial amount of time, expertise, and coordination and it is remarkable her longtime service to this event. We will be ever grateful for Carrie and her team of organizer’s that served so diligently in providing this safety and service to our athletes over the years.

Carrie’s service was also highlighted in an article published in the Cedar City News. In the article, Carrie’s daughter, Maddie Brostrom, praised her mom’s efforts and said a lot of people probably don’t understand the magnitude of how much work it is to make sure the first aid stations are stocked and staffed.

“I don’t think people realize the magnitude of what goes on and what goes into it. It’s a lot of work every year and it’s just volunteer,” Brostrom said.

“Organizing the aid stations is not an easy task. It requires coordinating nurses and volunteers, donations for icy hot, bandages, hygiene items and other essential items for the runners and organizing all of the donations into boxes and making sure someone picks up their box. It is a lot of work and stress and takes months to make happen. She has done it happily for over 30 years,” Brostrom added.

UServeUtah’s commissioners were very impressed with Carrie’s commitment to her role as a volunteer and volunteer coordinator. While Carrie has been presented with the physical award, the commission will be meeting with her virtually this September to formally congratulate her and thank her for the impact she has made in our state.