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UServeUtah manages the Utah AmeriCorps*State program portfolio comprised of programs that target underserved and at-risk populations in the areas of: Economic Opportunity, Education, Environmental Stewardship, Disaster Preparedness, Healthy Futures and Veterans and Military Families.

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Find the opportunity that's right for you.

AmeriCorps offers opportunities with different time commitments and requirements, meaning that you can serve in whatever capacity works for your passion, goals, and lifestyle.

Receive benefits for your service

AmeriCorps programs provide benefits for members, including education awards, housing stipends, living allowances, and supplemental health insurance. Benefits vary by program.

develop a network that lasts a lifetime

When you serve with AmeriCorps, you join a network of more than 1 million strong. AmeriCorps alumni continue to give back to their communities after their service. The connections you make and the network you build while serving with AmeriCorps is unlike any other.

Grow professionally and personally

Learn and grow while making a difference in the lives of others. Individuals who serve with AmeriCorps build new skillsets that they can take with them wherever they go, while giving back to communities across the country.

  • Building resiliency. "This year has been really tough for everyone and just seeing how resilient our youth is, always is a great story in and of itself. One story that is on my mind, however, is about a particular 3rd grader who has had a rough go of things since he started at our school last year. He was always quick to aggression and taking frustrations out on fellow students, especially when playing soccer. Staff and I tried really hard to get him to understand his emotions and what actions he can take when he is feeling angry. He has changed drastically since last year and I know it was a mixture of our help and his own determination. This year, when he plays soccer he is much more calm and even recognizes his frustrations quickly enough to leave and take a break. Not only is he great at walking away when needed but he even is kinder to other students and helps them with soccer skills instead of getting upset. I am very proud to be able to have seen his growth and am excited to see him grow even more." -Mariana S., Playworks Utah Coach
  • Breaking down barriers. "I had the opportunity to connect with a nice 87-year-old Spanish-speaking woman this month. She lives by herself and is very independent. She needed eye care but was faced with a couple barriers – she does not have transportation and does not speak any English. The eye clinic was at a walking distance from her house but did not have any Spanish-speaking staff. She needed transportation to reach a clinic with bilingual staff. I secured an appointment for her and taught her how to use Logisticare, a Medicaid transportation service. I connected her with Family Healthcare’s care coordinator for future assistance. She was able to get her eye examination and called to thank me for my help!" -Susana A., Utah Healthcare Corps Member
  • Coordinating Care. "An uninsured patient who lost her job due to COVID-19 needed help managing her chronic health conditions. She is dependent upon her son who has his own family that he is taking care of. She needed help accessing a primary care provider and dental services. We informed her about the volunteer care clinic that we have at Community Health Connect twice a week. She ended up coming in for care, got a few medications prescribed, and was provided with a GoodRx card to help lower the cost of those medications. We introduced her to our dental specialist for adults and connected her to our Medicaid specialist for enrollment. She is now taking an online dental education course and we are staying in touch to continue coordinating care with her team of providers." -Jeremy C., Utah Healthcare Corps Member
  • "With two weeks left of the term, I was assigned a student to my caseload who had not attended class since the third week of school. He was failing every single class and the highest percentage that he had in a class was 10.58%. The counselors and administrators were determined to get him passing so that he wouldn't have to complete credit recovery. Initially, I had my doubts that I was going to be able to get him passing. He had missed so much time in school and had no idea what was going on in his classes. I called him out of class one day to meet him and he disclosed to me that he didn't come to school or care about his grades because no one in his life pushed him to try hard in school. I told him that I would help him out as much as I could and I would push him hard if he was willing to work. He agreed with me and was able to pass all of his classes! It was a great success."
  • "I have one third grader who started tutoring at the beginning of October. She has loved reading! Every single time I see her (sometimes multiple times a day), she asks when it will be her turn again! It seems as if taking tutoring online (the only option I had this year) has resulted in more volunteers than I have ever had! Nearly every week I am training at least a couple new volunteers. We have been able to help so many students! Some of them are making some good progress so far, I am excited to see the growth they make by the end of the year. I have one fifth grader who tested red in the BOY Dibels. Her teacher recommended her for the program, thinking it would be helpful. Her teacher stopped me in the hallway today - in her five sessions so far, she has made incredible growth! Her words-correct-per-minute (WCPM) in progress monitoring in class has increased by 20 words!" -Lynsie N. AEIOU AmeriCorps Member
  • Unstoppable (but not unbreakable). "This term I had the opportunity to help mentor and tutor a student who needed help with math; She had failed several previous classes. We worked to complete credit recovery for past classes and to get a good grade in her current math class. About 3 weeks into the school year she sprained her ankle and had to wear a cast. She wasn't able to walk during this time. She had a few doctor appointments that made her miss a few classes and our tutoring sessions. About 2 weeks later, I broke my toe. I became the one that was in and out of surgery and doctors appointments. We were able to connect because we both couldn't walk. We both had scooters and would chat about the spooky elevator, the annoying walkers in the hallway, and the cracks where our scooters almost bucked us off. It was a great connection. Through this we were able to recover 2 terms of math credit and help her receive an A in her math class." -Bryce S., AEIOU AmeriCorps Member

AmeriCorps Programs in Utah

AmeriCorps Education Initiative of Utah (AEIOU)

AEIOU AmeriCorps members advocate for and support students who are struggling with literacy, attendance, academics, credit recovery, and social/emotional challenges in 75 schools across the state. 

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Area Agency on Aging - Five County Association of Governments

In this program, AmeriCorps members expand ongoing efforts in the areas of outreach, screening, and education of individuals to improve overall health, welfare, food security and financial well-being of residents in Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, and Washington Counties.

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BYU Family, Home and Social Sciences (FHSS) AmeriCorps Program

The BYU Family, Home and Social Sciences (FHSS) AmeriCorps Program engages members from the BYU FHSS student body to increase the capacity of non-profit mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities in Utah.

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Playworks AmeriCorps

Playworks AmeriCorps members serve in 75 low-income, at-risk elementary schools throughout Salt Lake County. These members create positive and inclusive school environments where every kid thrives both inside the classroom and out.

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Salt Lake County's Most Vulnerable Populations Program

In this program, AmeriCorps members help the homeless obtain housing, provide assistance to the formerly homeless, and connect them to other mainstream services to increase self-sufficiency. Members also support case management services which are an integral part of supporting Utah's Ten Year Plan of ending chronic homelessness.

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Utah Conservation Corps

Utah Conservation Corps (UCC) is a statewide program that partners with federal, state, local, and nonprofit agencies to protect, restore and enhance Utah's environment.

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Utah Healthcare Corps

The Utah Healthcare Corps (UHC) currently supports more than 20 members serving as Community Health Workers in over six sites throughout the state. UHC CHW's make a difference in the community by providing vital health education and connections to health and social resources to improve patient lives.

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Utah Higher Education AmeriCorps Network (UHEAN)

UHEAN AmeriCorps members are building safer, stronger, healthier, and united communities across the state. They provide support to hundreds of community organizations through direct service and capacity building efforts. The work performed by UHEAN AmeriCorps members increases the ability for organizations to continue providing much-needed services in the areas of education, healthy futures and economic opportunity.

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Utah STEM Initiative AmeriCorps Program

Members of the Utah STEM Initiative AmeriCorps Program engage underprivileged youth in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Through tutoring and mentoring activities, students increase their knowledge of the STEM field and experience a shift in attitude, awareness, engagement, behavior and skill. 

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WabiSabi Moab

AmeriCorps members serving with WabiSabi Moab combat poverty through a specialized rural corps dedicated to the needs of Utah’s smaller communities. Operating at sites in Moab, and Green River, AmeriCorps members address affordable housing and literacy. 

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Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby is a free community service designed to promote a healthy, secure, and enjoyable beginning for parents, new babies, and their family members. AmeriCorps members in this program recruit and manage volunteers to provide home visits to increase child-development support to 580+ new parents.

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