The Active Engagement Retreat is a dynamic, interactive event for college students and AmeriCorps members from across the state. The Retreat will invite participants to explore the multiple pathways for community engagement in which one can make social change.

Active Engagement Retreat

September 26 & 27, 2019
Big Canyon Ranch
Wanship, UT


Early bird pricing is available now!

Find Your Path!

Take a step back from campus life to explore the pathways of community engagement. Meet new friends, network with facilitators, and engage in activities that will help you find your passion, and strengthen your impact on your community and the world!

Purpose & Passion

Define what is important to you, and with that understanding explore how you can best engage with your community.

Recognize assets

Learn how to recognize assets in communities and work toward collaborating with community members to make an impact.

Explore impact

Explore and consider the potential impact and personal congruence for the multiple pathways for community engagement.

The Pathways of Public Service

The Pathways of Public Service describe a range of possibilities by which we can make a contribution to the common good. These pathways intersect and overlap, demonstrating the interdependent nature inherent in working toward the common good.

The six pathways of public service are:

  • Community Engaged Learning & Research
  • Community Organizing and Activism
  • Direct Service
  • Philanthropy
  • Policy & Governance
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Corporate Social Responsibility