Honored Volunteers – February 2020

Congratulations to recipients of the Lt. Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Certificate in February of 2020. The contributions made by these volunteers make lasting impacts on communities across our state.

Andrew Bonney, nominated by South Franklin Community Center, Provo UT
Andrew is a committed volunteer, and consistently comes to our community center to serve. He started out teaching a few piano lessons, but now commits several hours a week to our music program, and become the BYU YServe director for all the programs YServe offers at our facility. He frequently attends staff meetings and center events and finds time out of his busy college student schedule to offer help when we very much need it.

Hayley Cherrington, nominated by The INN Between, SLC UT
Hayley is a licensed hairdresser and barber. She started working with The INN Between in 2018 when we were still at Goshen Street and the mission was in its infancy. Hayley volunteers her professional services every other Monday, without fail. Being able to visit a professional hairdresser free of charge makes a huge difference for our residents who would usually not be able to afford to visit a hair salon. The smiles, gratitude and the transformation of our residents (men and women) after they have seen Hayley is filling all our hearts with joy. Hayley’s service is priceless and and has a positive impact on our residents’ road to recovery. We are eternally grateful for her generosity and our residents respect and love Hayley who treats them like any other regular salon clients in her professional life. This certificate is a token of our gratitude and we are very fortunate to have her at The INN Between.

Craig Garrett, nominated by Guadalupe School Adult Education, SLC UT
Craig Garrett has donated two hours of his time each week to teaching English to adult immigrants at Guadalupe School. He is an excellent tutor and has been dedicated to this project for two years.

Kyle Hatch, nominated by CAPSA, Logan UT
Kyle has acted as a Mobile Crisis Team member at CAPSA. As a member of the Mobile Crisis Team, he is responsible for helping survivors with their shelter intake information. Kyle consistently signs up for 24-hour on call shifts, has a perfect attendance rate, and is always willing to come help when other advocates don’t show up for their shifts. Kyle is a wonderful volunteer to CAPSA and our clients.

Andrew Jensen, nominated by Tabitha’s Way, Spanish Fork UT
Andrew is one of the 3 missionaries that comes in to help stock the pantry and sort and check food every Wednesday. He is very enthusiastic about serving and he love to have him in our volunteer team!

Linda Simmons, nominated by Hearts Knit Together, SLC UT
Linda is the Executive Director of Hearts Knit Together a 501c3 non profit whose mission is to offer joy and order in the lives of those who are escaping domestic violence, or who are seeking refuge in our community from war and violence from around the world. We provide gifts of love, with a message of hope and love, which are given to them when they go to the shelters. Our desire is that the recipients will know they are not alone in their suffering. Despite severe health situations (Heart Valve Replacement, Hip Replacement, Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma and a severe stroke just 3 months ago) she rallies on with enthusiasm and continues to work for hours in our project room on behalf of members of our communities in need. Hearts delivered 5256 kits to families in crisis. Linda oversees dozens of project room volunteers who come in weekly to compile the beautiful kits we provide. Through her efforts we received 422 donations of items that enable or volunteers to compile the kits.

Joe Willes, nominated by Y-Serve, Provo UT
In Provo, Utah there are many parents that struggle to make ends meet and provide a meaningful life for their children. Cougar Coaches is a program that has students at BYU coach little league teams where parents are unavailable to coach. Joe Willes coached a little league flag football team in the fall and then became a program director for the program as a whole. He was exemplary in providing an enjoyable experience for the kids that he coached and has continued to connect volunteers with coaching opportunities as a program director. The team that he coached was a group of kids who signed up without high expectations and hoping to make connections with the other kids on the team. Joe created an environment where the kids worked hard to succeed but overall had fun and built relationships with each other. As a program director Joe’s time is spent coordinating between city recreational leagues and volunteers to allow them to coach. He also works with volunteers to help them improve their coaching abilities and philosophies to provide a better experience for the children being coached.