Where to Recruit


UServeUtah partners with JustServe.org to communicate volunteer needs to Utah's public. JustServe.org is a website where the volunteer needs of organizations may be posted and volunteers may search for places to serve in the community, providing opportunities to help those in need and enhance the quality of life in the community.

If you do not have an organizational account, you can create one by going to JustServe.org/account and clicking on "Register Now."

Instructions for submitting a project can be found on JustServe's website by clicking "Submitting A Project" on the left side of the help page.

Many individuals are searching for ways to help minimize impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic and northern Utah earthquake. In order to recruit these volunteers, please use the following keywords in your recruitment posts:

  • COVID-19
  • Coronavirus
  • Earthquake
  • Corona
  • Virus
  • Pandemic

Craft your recruitment message

Use a three-part recruitment message as you post your call for volunteers. This should include a statement of need, how the volunteer can help, and the benefit to the volunteer.

Your statement of need should be drafted in two versions. First, create a version that's just for internal use; second, create a public version that is more compelling and "dressed up" to attract potential volunteers. You'll use this version in advertising materials.
Example of an internal statement of need: "Special Olympics needs a softball coach for spring league."
Example of an external statement of need: "They have gloves, bats, and softballs, but no coach. Seventy-five boys and girls with developmental disabilities are waiting for a coach. Don't let them strike out. Join our Special Olympics Team!"

The next part of your recruitment message should explain how the volunteer can help. What can they provide? What hard skills and interpersonal qualities would make an individual a good fit for your organization? Be brief but explicit in terms of the most important qualifications.

Next, explain the benefits to the volunteer. What might a person accomplish by helping your group? It might be helping a child learn to read, serving meals to those who cannot afford to buy food themselves, or simply easing the burden on an overworked staff by helping with administrative work. Will this volunteer gain new skills? Can you offer references for higher education or future employment? You can also include tangible benefits such as a t-shirt, refreshments, or discounted entry to events.

Statement of need:
Many seniors in your community are not eating balanced meals and are suffering from malnutrition.
How to help:
You can give three hours to chop, slice, spread, boil, wrap, and pack food with our chef and other great folks.
Make a difference, meet new friends, and learn to cook in large quantities.