UServeUtah’s COVID-19 Response

June, 2020

UServeUtah is a member of the State Emergency Response Team (SERT) and the lead agency for the Volunteer and Donations Coordination Team (VDCT). 

When the State Emergency Response Team was activated in response to COVID-19, UServeUtah began working with the State Library, bookmobile sites, and AmeriCorps sites to collect donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). UServeUtah put out a call to individuals and businesses across the state to donate much needed PPE such as gloves, N-95 masks, and face shields. 

SERT: State Emergency Response Team
VDCT: Volunteer and Donations Coordination Team
EOC: Emergency Operations Center
(located in the Utah State Capitol Building)
PPE: Personal Protective Equipment


Since the beginning of the coordinated response to COVID-19, UServeUtah has collected over $2.4 million worth of donated PPE. The donated PPE is distributed to local departments of health and local departments of emergency management throughout the state.

Many local companies have stepped up to support our communities during this time by changing their production and donating much needed and often unique supplies.

These have been our large donations from companies, other agencies, and global partners thus far:
Apple: 100,000 N95s
Taiwan Government: 50,000 Medical Masks
Zagg: 2,000 N95s
Harmons Grocery: 15,000 N95s
Diageo, PLC: 1,920 200ml bottles of hand sanitizer
Liaoning Province (China): 3,000 N95s, 10,000 Medical Masks
Micron: 500 Face Shields
USPS: 10,620 N95s
Paradise Nails: 12,000 gloves, 1,800 Medical masks
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: 20,000 N95s
Shanghai Hub International Trading (China): 20,000 N95s, 20,000 Surgical Masks 8,000 Surgical Masks
Young Living Essential Oils: 20,000, 10 oz bottles and 115,000, 2 oz bottles for hand sanitizer
Icon Fitness: 1,000,000 Procedure Masks
Specialized: 1,500 Water bottles for hand sanitizer
Red Hanger: Donating services to launder and sanitize all homemade masks before they are delivered to users. 
Jiangxi Province (China): 100,000 Surgical Masks
Intermountain Healthcare: 300,000 Surgical Masks
Rio Tinto: 4,000 10 oz bottles gel hand sanitizer, 1500 rolls of Toilet Paper
Dominion Energy: 8,750 N95 Masks
Manly Bands: 10,000 Face Shields
Young Living Essential Oils: 8900 Disposable gowns and 4500 N95 masks
Stratasys: 500 Face shields


In addition to recruiting and training volunteers for the PPE donation sites, UServeUtah has also been instrumental in securing food and PPE for Native American tribes as well as recruiting volunteers for the Receiving, Staging & Shipping center, quarantine and isolation sites, overflow medical facility, donation pickups, the Mask for Every Utahn project, and contact tracing.